Boss 8′ Trip-Edge Snow Plow

*Price Includes Installation

Standard Features:
  • Smarthitch 2 Attachment System
  • Smartlight 2 Package
  • Smarttouch 2 Control
  • Smarthshield Paint Finish w/exclusive zinc primer
  • High-Performance Hydraulic Package
  • Enclosed Hydraulic System
  • Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System
  • Heavy-Duty Push Frame and Quadrant
  • Reinforced Moldboard
  • High-Strength Steel 1” Diameter Pivot Pin
  • Cast-Iron Shoes
  • Adjustable Trip Springs
  • Trip-Edge Design
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
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Using the deep, wet snow of the Northeast as inspiration, the BOSS Trip-edge plow was designed to power through that infamous accumulation, regardless of what obstacles lay beneath. We started by developing a more rigid moldboard and replacing a full moldboard trip action with trip-edge technology. The result? A powerful plow whose cutting edge is designed to trip while leaving the moldboard rigid, allowing you Massachusetts Ford plow drivers to power through heavy, wet snow without losing the load!

Reinforced Power:

When you’re facing deep, wet snow, you need strength on your side. That’s why with our Trip-edge plow features a rigid moldboard with diagonal cross bracing and a heavy-duty A-frame and quadrant.

Nothing comes close… to The BOSS Snow Plows at our Massachusetts Ford dealership!

Exclusive Corrosion Protection:

We go beyond what everyone else does. That’s why every BOSS Snow Plow for sale at our Boston Ford dealer is treated with an exclusive zinc primer before it receives a baked-on powder-coat point finish. In addition to offering the ultimate in corrosion resistance, the primer adheres to the metal better and gives the finish coat a high gloss shine that will keep your plow looking great.

Trip-edge Design:

Only the bottom edge trips when encountering an obstacle, allowing you to power through deep wet snow without letting the snow you’re pushing escape. We designed it with our Universal undercarriage system, operates with any BOSS Snow Plow.

Adjustable Trip Springs:

Unlike competitors whose plow trip strings are not adjustable, The BOSS features four adjustable trip return strings, allowing you to customize the trip spring tension for the job at hand.