Anthony Truck Liftgate RailTac – 2,500 Lbs

2,500 lbs. Capacity

Bed Height Min – Max: 28” – 58”

Platform Load Area and Ramp: 86” x 42” + 6”

Standard Features:
  • Lockable Steel Power Unit Enclosure
  • Pressure Compensated Flow Valve
  • Marine Duty Sealed Toggle Switch
  • Closed Hydraulic System
  • Circuit Protection
  • Large Bore Double-Weight Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Chrome Plated Piston Rod
  • Low Operating Pressure (approx. 2300 psi)
  • EZ Mount Installation
  • 12 Volt DC Drive
  • Relief Valve
  • Factory Installed Hydraulic Fluid
  • Spring-Assist Platform
  • Heavy-Duty Roller Chain Drive
  • Unequaled Shot Blast
  • Level Ride Platform
  • Heat-Shrink Siliconed Wire Terminals and Anti-Rotation Terminals
  • Optimum Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid
  • ZLC Zero Leak Concept
  • Replaceable Bushings In Sprockets
  • Meets TMC Electrical Recommended Practices
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Railtrac™ models mount to the rear frame of a truck or trailer. They typically store in a vertical position covering a portion of the rear doorway and can usually be lowered in a vertical position to the ground to allow access to the doorway.

RailTrac™ models have basically what is called a ‘level ride’ platform which means that the platform moves vertically in a level position with the rear of the truck bed.


  • Cab or ignition cut-off switch
  • Hand-held control with plug and socket
  • Taillight kits
  • Flush-mount inside van control
  • Low Voltage Control Switch