Boss 9’2” Power-V DXT Snow Plow

*Price Includes Installation


Standard Features:
  • Dual-Trip Design
  • 1/2” X 6” Base Angle
  • Flared Wings
  • Snow Catcher
  • Reinforced Moldboard
  • Heavy-Duty Push Frame And Center Section
  • High-Performance Hydraulic Package
  • SmartLock Cylinders
  • Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
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There’s a reason THE BOSS Powered-V plow is the best-selling multi position plow on the market. Quite simply, nothing else is faster, tougher or easier to use. Continuing to set the benchmark for snowplow innovation, Power-V now features a new patent-pending high-performance cutting edge that delivers double the wear resistant of conventional cutting edges, along with built-in curb guards and a snow catcher.

Our tough, long-lasting Steel Powered-V features a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer that helps resist corrosion while keeping your plow looking great for years to come. The Powered-V features a super-slick polyethylene moldboard that makes pushing snow easier, along with a baked-on powder coat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer on all metal parts!

Looking for a snow plow for your Ford near Boston, Massachusetts? Stoneham Ford has what you need!

Time-Saving Scoop Position:

Finishing jobs 30% faster than traditional straight-edge blades snowplows. THE BOSS Power-V Plow saves time like no other. Use the “scoop” position to move large amounts of snow, stack snow easily into high banks or clean up windrows at the end of a job.

V-Position to Break Trail:

When set in the V-Position, only THE BOSS Powered-V delievers the strength to clear a path through heavy, wet snow, massive snowdrifts or hard-packed banks thanks to its reinforced moldboard, heavy-duty center section and push frame!

Angle or Straight Position:

When placed in the angled position, THE BOSS Powered-V withdraws and pushes snow cleanly and simply like a straight-blade snowplow. The straight position allows you to pull snow backward, or backdrag, away from buildings and doors.

Universal Undercarriage:

Whether you own a Power-V, Straight-Blade or both, we designed our undercarriage and wiring harness to operate with any BOSS snowplow featuring the SmartHitch2 or RT3.

Universal undercarriage not available on Sport or Heavy-duty plows.